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Rocket Rankings SEM Client Case Study

Greenberry Industrial

Client Background

Greenberry Industrial is a mechanical industrial contractor serving clients throughout the U.S. from their home office in Portland, Oregon. They provide services in all disciplines of industrial construction including boiler making, civil and concrete, heavy rigging, millwright and equipment setting, pipe spooling, and steel erection.

Greenberry is also a full service heavy industrial mechanical fabricator, with a state-of-the art fabrication facility located in Corvallis, Oregon. Their industrial fabrication services include: top quality structural steel fabrication, tank fabrication, pressure vessel design and fabrication, module fabrication, and pipe spooling.

Greenberry has been involved with some of the biggest industrial mechanical contracting projects in Oregon and Washington managing multi-faceted contracting jobs for major industrial companies in the Northwest. Their impressive client list includes Boeing, Georgia Pacific, Longview Fibre, Pacific Power, Tillamook Cheese, and Weyerhaeuser - plus many more.

Greenberry Industrial launched a new website in early 2007, detailing their impressive industrial contracting and mechanical fabrication portfolios. The new website was a gold mine for SEO because of its size and content - it has close to a hundred html pages, all with descriptive text about their services. However Greenberry was not familiar with internet marketing and their new website had very few significant search engine listings.

The Challenge

Greenberry wanted to grow their client base outside of their immediate local region (primarily Oregon and Washington ), but was unsure of how to leverage their website to do this. They have some existing clients in other areas such as California, Texas and Nebraska, but they wanted to better position themselves as an industrial mechanical contractor for the entire U.S.

In order to accomplish this, Rocket Rankings first walked Greenberry through the process of selecting key regional areas to target with SEO. Once a short list of U.S. cities was established, we used white hat SEO methods to build search engine rankings for their targeted city phrases, such as industrial mechanical contractor los angeles or industrial fabrication dallas.

The Results

The impact of SEO on Greenberry's online visibility was astounding within a month their Visibility Percentage jumped from 1.5% to 63%; suddenly they had more than 200 listings on Google that hadn't existed before the campaign.

Next Steps

Greenberry has enjoyed rapid and significant ranking success because of the size of their site, despite the fact that their PageRank remains quite low. The next step is for Rocket Rankings to implement an ongoing link building campaign to grow their PageRank over the next few years.

We expect that by increasing their PageRank, and continuing to grow their targeted cities with SEO, Greenberry will achieve their goal of online domination for industrial mechanical contracting phrases from coast to coast.

Greenberry will achieve their goal of online domination for industrial mechanical contracting phrases from coast to coast.


May 2007
When we implemented the Greenberry SEO campaign in May 2007, had 6 total listings on Google.
Visibility Percentage = 1.5%

June 2007
By June 2007 the site had an astounding 220 total rankings on Google, with 67 in first place!
Visibility Percentage = 65.05%.

July 2007
As of July 2007, has 308 total listings on Google:

129 in first place
260 in the top 5
278 in the top 10

Including many targeted city phrases such as:

Greenberry has also made significant progress toward many highly competitive, general industry phrases, such as:

Visibility Percentage = 86.26%


Last Updated 8/2007